Security Deposit

Saturday - January 31st - 2015 - 3:27pm

There is also a security deposit of £3,000 payable to the owner at any time, but no less than one week before the start of the rental. The client will pay for any damages to the property and its contents caused by any persons in the client’s party during the rental period. For this purpose the security deposit is held on account of the cost of telephone, gas, breakage or damage, and any other extra costs, which may be applicable, such an excess of the €150 electricity allowance. Any assessment of damages will take into account normal wear and tear. The owner must notify the client within 28 days of the end of the rental of any major breakages / damages / claims to be made against the client. Where possible, all damages and the cost of such repairs will be approved by the client and the owner. The clients’ security deposit will be returned to them within a maximum of 3 months from the end of the rental.