Saturday - January 31st - 2015 - 3:24pm

The caretaker couple lives in a small cottage on the property so is close to hand should any problems arise. 12 hours of cleaning per week are included in the price of the rental and 5 hours for the final cleaning. The property will be thoroughly cleaned before the client’s arrival at the owner’s expense. If, on the client’s departure, the house is found in particularly bad condition, the housekeeper will be allowed to record the number of hours actually worked, and the difference will be charged to the client. Any additional hours required will be by arrangement. The caretaker is responsible for the maintenance of the garden and pool during the rental period. The grass will be mowed at least once a week and the caretaker will be responsible for keeping the garden neat and tidy. Please let the caretaker know if there are any times that are inconvenient for working in the garden. Note: If the caretaker notes any problem whatsoever while tenants are in residence, he is required to alert the owner immediately so that appropriate action can be taken.